AT&T Makes Broadband Data Cap Official (

AT&T U-Verse 1
Image by cytosine via Flickr

via C/ (click here for full story)

AT&T finally put a cap on users broadband data usage yesterday, May 2.  This affects both DSL subscribers and U-verse service subscribers.  For DSL users, they will find their limited to 150GB of uploads and downloads.  U-verse users are allowed 250GB.

I suppose caps are all the rage now in the digital service world, as Comcast had imposed a 250GB limit on users a year or two ago.  To be honest, as a Comcast subscriber, I’ve never, in those years, come close to using even half of that 250GB, and that’s with constant Netflix viewing, daily World of Warcraft play, downloading music and renting movies from the Apple store, etc, and that’s with 3 people in the house using three different devices, as well as my iPhone.

I suppose the simple complaint is that people do not like to be told they have limits, especially when they are paying for the services that are being limited.  Personally, it doesn’t bother me, at the moment.  250GB has proven much, much more than I need for now, and I’m sure more than 99% of users needs.  But as with all things, I’m sure AT&T will get some backlash at the regulation of services.


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