A Brief Moment …

Hello!  I suppose it might look as though I’m trying to become an amateur comic book review site.  Rest assured, pop culture sites have nothing to worry about from me!  While I enjoy the graphic novel medium, I lack certain skills in properly reviewing them – skills such as proper grammar rules, artistic commentary, etc.  I do, however, know a good story that draws my attention and entertains me.  That is what I focus on when I post thoughts on a particular trade.

I went away for a while, tried out the Tumblr pages.  Seems the main thing to do on Tumblr is repost other people’s images and LOL pics.  Gets old after a few dozen or so, I think.  Why would you want to sit around all day reposting other peoples work when you can create your own content?  Sure, my work here may not be professional – hell, most of it isn’t even on a high school level as far as how it is written or covered – but it’s mine, darn it.

So, yeah.  I’m back for a little while.  Until I get bored again, anyways.  Maybe I’ll see you around.


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