Sunday Awesomeness

Today was actually a very good day.  Our local comic shop (lcs) Outer Limits Murfreesboro had another fantastic sale going on today.  If you bought 100 comics from the $1.00 bin, you got them for .50-cents each.  Buy 200 books, you get them for .25-cents each.  Buy 300 and they’re yours for .10-cents each!  But wait, they threw in yet another level of awesomeness:  If you bought 500 books from the $1.00 bin, you got them for .05-cents each.  That’s $25.00 for 500 comic books of varying awesomeness!  I racked up, my friends.

My son also visited the LCS with me today, along with the wife.  They were on their own mission.  You see, my boy likes to talk – he takes after his mother.  He talks A LOT.  Some folks believe this means he can’t be quiet for even a few minutes.  As a result, his aunt made a bet with him Saturday that she would give him a dollar for every minute he was quiet.  After the 35 minute mark, she caved and told him the bet was off and coughed up her end of the deal.  With that money, he bought a diecast/plastic Voltron: Defender of the Universe collectible that had been sitting in the store for awhile.  It wasn’t in the best condition and may have been priced a little high, but considering a mint condition one is going for $249 on eBay right now, I think he did okay.  We just need to clean it up a bit and do some touch-ups on it.

Afterwards, we had some time outdoors for a change as the weather really cooled off.  A nice breeze, some shade, a few clouds.  NICE!  We tossed a baseball around, he rode his bike, a couple of kids across the street came over and they played.  An awesome day.  Afterwards, I grilled some hotdogs and we chilled out for a while.

It’s the simple things, my friends.  It isn’t often I get to just relax at home anymore, but today was a great day of just enjoying everything around me.  I hope you had a similar day and loved it just as much!


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