Fair Weather, Friends

Ferris Wheel Berlin
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Last Friday night, we attended the next-to-last day of the Wilson County Fair.  This is an annual event that has become extremely popular – especially considering people became to scared to attend the Tennessee State Fair.  Something about knives, stabbings, shootings, etc by the large groups of illegal Mexican immigrants that would attend.  Crime jumped up and attendance fell down.  It still takes place, mind you.  In fact, this coming September is when it is scheduled.

But back to the real fun – the Wilson County Fair.  Great times were had by us Friday night.  My wife, son, one of his friends and myself walked around, enjoyed the sites, rode some rides, ate some goodies.  We also met another family of friends there and hung out for awhile.

Saturday, The Wife and I attended a friends birthday party.  His wife threw a surprise party and invited several folks over.  Games, snack foods, grilled hot dogs, alcohol (of which we didn’t partake, thank you very much!) and we ended up having a blast.  My wife was hesitant of going at first, but she ended up being the one that wanted to stand and hang out.  Great times all around!

And, of course, Monday just had to rear its ugly head.  After four days off work, yesterday wasn’t horrible, but it was right back to the same old boring grind that I’m growing soooooo tired of.  But, I guess you really can’t have your cake and eat it to – so I guess as long as we need money, I need that job.

Here is to hoping you have as great a week as I want to!


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