DC’s Relaunched Universe Coverage

New to comics?  Been around awhile?  Coming back after a long hiatus?  In case you haven’t heard, DC is pushing a new relaunch of their universe with brand new #1’s across 52 titles.  At $2.99 and $3.99 a title, I certainly realize picking up all 52 #1 issues may not be a viable option.  So, which titles are worth buying and which should you spend your hard earned money on?

There are some “safe” titles, such as the Batman and Superman issues – you know those aren’t going away any time soon.  But what about the others.  Which ones should you invest time and money into?  Well, if you head over to the Major Spoilers website – a fine group of folk who bring us news, reviews and discussions on comics and pop culture – you can read their opinions on the latest #1 titles each week.

Their section, named, The New 52, gives you an idea of whether or not you might enjoy a particular new series.  And, while you’re there, I recommend going for the whole Major Spoilers Experience.  Subscribe to their podcasts (The Top Five, Critical Hit & The Major Spoilers Podcast).  For absolutely FREE you get 4 fabulous podcasts – that’s right, four – The Major Spoilers Podcast comes in 2 flavors, the “review” edition and the “weekend” edition. If you like it, and are able, let them know by supporting The Cause, and donate a couple of dollars.  It’ll be the best money you’ll spend on entertainment because you WANTED to, not because you had to.

So, what are you waiting for?  Clicky:  Major Spoilers: The New 52!


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