DC Universe Presents: Deadman #1 (DC’s The New 52)

While I like to play it safe in the world of comics, sticking to what I know, I decided I’d go out on a limb with the DC relaunch. One of the “out on a limb” comics I picked up was DC Universe Presents: Deadman. I believe the original idea for the DC Universe Presents title is to host lesser known characters in small story arcs. An anthology to showcase characters people (like me) might like but might not know anything about.

With Deadman, I found myself pleasantly surprised. Knowing nothing about the character, I think the first issue did a nice job of introducing the man – Boston Brand, a man so egotistical that he is gunned down while performing a trapeze act. He is given a chance to redeem himself while walking the world between the living and the dead. He can take people who are beaten, down on their luck and have an all around rough life, and “inhabit” them, trying to turn their life around. Each time he succeeds, he grows once step closer to his real body/soul.

I know, it sounds a bit like Quantum Leap, right? Well, Boston Brand isn’t exactly a people person. He lived his life in vanity, remember? In the first issue, we are lead to believe he has already inhabited several dozen people’s forms, and none of them have really improved their status. He seems to be a failure, and is looking for a way to communicate with the goddess who made him the deal. Only problem is, she won’t answer his calls. So on our final page, Brand takes on the life of a crippled war veteran, and instantly cocks a gun and puts it to the guys head. The goddess instantly appears and Brand says it’s time they talk.

Despite some negative reviews I’ve seen online, I really liked this book. Great intro story, interesting character. Not sure where we’re going to go, but I plan on sticking around to find out. Nice, shiny art work, you get a feel for some of Brand’s powers (he is able to possess for a short time regular folks in order to communicate with the living).

Recommended read.


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