Light Reading for 10/5


Light week at the local comic shop (Outer Limits Boro) for me this week.  I did manage to pick up a copy of Superman #1, and #2 issues of Detective and Action Comics.

Superman #1 introduces us to the changed Superman universe.  The book takes place several years after the events we’re being introduced to in Action Comics, which I suppose could be a little confusing since the titles are being released just a week apart.  But we learn what has become of The Daily Planet, Lois Lane, Jimmy and Perry.  Couldn’t really tell you much else about Superman, though, aside from the fact that he’s been gone for some time in this book and has returned.  Wasn’t really impressed with the book itself, but that could come from the fact that they’re diverging from a history that’s been established in print for decades.

Action Comics #2 has Doctor Lex Luthor experimenting on his captive, Superboy/man/whoever he is at this point.  Action follows a much younger Clark Kent/Kal El/Superman as he learns to use his powers and tries to find his place in the world.  In this issue Lex throws everything at the young man, including toxic gasses, machine guns, flame throwers.  It’s a torture issue to find out who the world is up against, as this “alien” hasn’t proven himself as a hero or a villain just yet.  I’m going to stick around with this series for a bit longer.  Action Comics has too long a history for them to completely trash it, I hope.

Detective Comics #2 … If you aren’t reading Detective yet, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!  One of the best relaunch titles so far – and that’s just 2 issues in!  Already we’ve seen the Joker get his face cut off and now, at the end of this issue … WOW.  We’re doing some ground breaking stuff here, folks, I really, REALLY like this series so far.


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