It’s Alive!

PS3 Core

I have this little thing you may have heard of. It’s a huge black electronic device that plays blu-ray movies.  Oh, it also plays games. It’s called a Playstation 3.

Once upon a time, the Playstation 3 in our home did more than play high definition blu-ray movies.  In fact, it even – are you ready for this? – was used as a video game console!  Albeit, we were a hardcore Xbox 360 family, so the few games the PS3 did play were mostly the downloadable content from the PSN Store.  Then, one day, the Xbox 360 broke a leg and we had to shoot it.  Well, technically it was a “red ring of death.”  Either way, it was the second time it had happened and I was highly peeved.

Alas, my joy of gaming died with the 360 – Microsoft doing what they do best and killing the dreams of millions with tainted hardware.  I hid my sorrow by burrowing deep into the World of Warcraft mmo, the family PC becoming my new best friend. The PS3 forgotten, except when it was needed to play the occasional rented dvd.

Then, out of the blue, something strange began to happen. Game developers started showing off amazing looking games again. This is the first year in a long time that I’m actually 100% interested in titles that are being announced, coming out this holiday or are already on the store shelves. And, of course, since I don’t have a 360 to play them on, guess what my default console gaming system is?

Oh, Sony, we use to be in love back in the PS2 days, and the past couple of weeks has seen our relationship spark to life once more.  I look forward to snuggling up with you on the coming winter weekends when I’m home and need comfort. Won’t you play Batman: Arkham City and Skyrim with me?  Say you will, please …


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