The End of One Journey …

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I told you I was going to do it!

Two days ago I cancelled my World of Warcraft account.  Nearly five years worth of game play.  Three 80+ level characters, several 40+ characters and several dozen alts still remain on my account.  I am not worried about them, just yet.  According to Blizzard’s website, they will still be there waiting for me should I ever decide to come back.  “We never delete anything,” seems to be the motto of the world’s most famous MMO.

In all, after a final /played inquiry, I have devoted 55 days, 20 hours, 23 minutes to my main character – and let it be noted, this was not the first character I had created.  My first toon was a human warrior that I played all the way up to level 58 then deleted because I didn’t like it.  My hunter came next, which is this character I am referring to now.  Not to mention the countless number of alts, other sub-mains, etc.

It has been a fun game, but it is no longer fun.  The only reason I have been playing lately, as I stated in a previous post, is because I was paying for it.  It was an obligation the past several months and it was time for a break to get away from that cycle.  Two days without playing World of Warcraft and I can honestly say I do not miss it at all, yet.  The day will come, I’m sure, when I may want to get back into the fantasy world of Azeroth, but for now, I’ll devote my time to other interests that this particular game has eaten into for so long.

In fact, I can say, without a doubt, that when the next expansion comes out, Mists of Pandaria, I will definitely check it out – if for nothing more than to make a playable panda character and see how many Kung Fu Panda jokes and references they crammed in to the quest lines.

So, it has been fun. Thanks for the memories. I’ll see you on the other side. It is the end of one journey but the beginning of another.  To all the folks I’ve been guild mates with, grouped with, harassed, been harassed by, ignored, camped, etc … thanks.


I’m Going to Do It, Seriously … I Am … Really …

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I’ve been thinking about it more and more.  Tonight, I am on the verge of doing it.  Yes, I am talking about the ultimate step in the 12-step program – I’m thinking about canceling my World of Warcraft account.  For now, anyways.  I may reactivate it again when Mists of Pandaria is released to see if I’m at all interested.  Right now, though, I am so burnt out on the game.  It’s the same old thing day in and day out.  Yes, there are tons of things to do, race/class combinations, etc, but in the end, it’s the same old grind.

So, I’m posting this to put it out there and see how it looks.  I think it’s time to hang it up for a bit and move on to bigger and better console adventures.  There are a lot of good games out in the video game market and WoW hogs available free time.  I suppose it shouldn’t, but if I’m paying out $15 a month, it feels like an obligation to play, not to set it aside while I go enjoy something else.  So, Blizzard, it’s been fun, and we will see each other again, but I need a break, old friend.  It’s been a great four years.

About that Macbook Air …

“What Macbook Air?” you may be asking yourself.  Well, several days ago I wrote a blog post about my issues trying to order an Apple Macbook Air online from the Apple Store.  I gushed over the product, swooned over it and praised it as the greatest thing on the planet.  Then I asked my wife – with the usual buyer’s remorse I normal get when spending over $15 of my hard earned money: “Was I stupid to buy this thing over a Macbook Pro?”  I pulled up the specs on both machines and pointed out the main differences.  “Yes,” she told me point blank.  “If you are going to spend that kinda money, I would have went for the meat of the Pro over the style of the Air.”  Well, she might not have used those exact words, or been that nice, but that is the gist of what our conversation consisted of.

By the way, did you know that Apple has a 14-day return policy?  Yes, if you aren’t satisfied for pretty much any reason, within 14 days of your purchase, you can return the product for a refund or exchange.  Did you also know that the 13″ Macbook Pro’s

start at $100 cheaper than a Macbook Air?  I would also like to point out that Apple launched a Black Friday sale yesterday, marking nearly all their product line down by varying price levels.  The 13″ Macbook Pro with the Core i5 processor – as of Friday and Saturday of this fine Thanksgiving weekend had a few more $$ shaved off the final price.

So, I sit here typing this on my new 13″ Macbook Pro.  It is nice, sleek and shiny.  The wife likes it, though she will never come out and say it – she is a closet geek when it comes to gadgets because she was never around any growing up like I was.  I’m happy and proud to be drinking the Apple Kool-aid.  My name is James and I’m a Mac.


Thanksgiving 2011

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. We stuffed ourselves, had a great time with family and friends and are now relaxing at home.It is an extended weekend for many, including myself, and the time is being spent hanging out, watching movies and playing games. Nothing productive going on here, folks!

My wonderful wife and her mother went out on their 4th annual Black Friday mission last night. They left around 9:00 PM, headed to Wal-Mart for their first sale event that began at 10.  My boy and I stayed home, popped some popcorn, sipped some Dr Pepper and watched Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World, and played Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga on the PS3.  Our son has just gotten into the whole Star Wars thing and absolutely loves the Lego version of the characters. He was super excited last night because we told him he could stay up as late as he could stand it.  I finally caved at 2:00 AM and told him if he went to bed we would get up early and go have breakfast somewhere.

So, at 8:30 this morning we got up, got ready and went to Shoney’s with my mom to enjoy their fabulous breakfast buffet. The Wife joined us shortly after we got there. It is a new record, being done with their shopping that early. Last year they didn’t get home until 3 the next afternoon! Tonight – not having any of those pesky left overs – we picked up some KFC to snack on and The Wife and I are about to wrap presents. I also watched the new Conan: The Barbarian movie today. I was surprised that I liked it. Do not always believe all those negative reviews you see online or hear on television from half-assed movie critics. The only real problem I saw with the movie was that, in action scenes especially, there was a delay when they switched a scene – as if the actors were just standing there waiting for the right moment to begin the next take. Over all, though, I enjoyed the story, the acting wasn’t that horrible and the action was a tad bit over the top, but fit perfectly into the fantasy-type world of Hyboria.

Tomorrow … well, I’ll have to talk about tomorrow when it gets here. If anyone who visits my site or receives updates when I make a new post has noticed, I deleted my previous blog post. I’ll explain that tomorrow – I hope. Nothing bad to report, just correcting my own rush to make a purchase and hoping for the same fantastic support from a local store.