The End of One Journey …

World of Warcraft Cosmic Map, showing Azeroth ...
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I told you I was going to do it!

Two days ago I cancelled my World of Warcraft account.  Nearly five years worth of game play.  Three 80+ level characters, several 40+ characters and several dozen alts still remain on my account.  I am not worried about them, just yet.  According to Blizzard’s website, they will still be there waiting for me should I ever decide to come back.  “We never delete anything,” seems to be the motto of the world’s most famous MMO.

In all, after a final /played inquiry, I have devoted 55 days, 20 hours, 23 minutes to my main character – and let it be noted, this was not the first character I had created.  My first toon was a human warrior that I played all the way up to level 58 then deleted because I didn’t like it.  My hunter came next, which is this character I am referring to now.  Not to mention the countless number of alts, other sub-mains, etc.

It has been a fun game, but it is no longer fun.  The only reason I have been playing lately, as I stated in a previous post, is because I was paying for it.  It was an obligation the past several months and it was time for a break to get away from that cycle.  Two days without playing World of Warcraft and I can honestly say I do not miss it at all, yet.  The day will come, I’m sure, when I may want to get back into the fantasy world of Azeroth, but for now, I’ll devote my time to other interests that this particular game has eaten into for so long.

In fact, I can say, without a doubt, that when the next expansion comes out, Mists of Pandaria, I will definitely check it out – if for nothing more than to make a playable panda character and see how many Kung Fu Panda jokes and references they crammed in to the quest lines.

So, it has been fun. Thanks for the memories. I’ll see you on the other side. It is the end of one journey but the beginning of another.  To all the folks I’ve been guild mates with, grouped with, harassed, been harassed by, ignored, camped, etc … thanks.


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