There’s An App For That

Starting this topic, I honestly do not know why it hasn’t crossed my mind before. Apps are an every day part of life for so many people that I couldn’t imagine not having access to them. Quick and convenient solutions right in the palm of our hands.

With apps (short for applications) we have on us at all times instant weather reports, movies, television, games, task schedulers, medical information and diagnosis, social media networks, news, stocks, city guides — you name me anything and we can find an app for it.

I suppose apps are like anything else, though. What a person uses will be based on their individual tastes. Some might prefer to pay a little extra to get a better app or one with more features. I can understand, I’ve bought a couple myself. But mostly I go with the free stuff. That being said, what apps do you use everyday?

My list includes:
Echofone ( a Twitter client)
Nook (mobile ebook reader)
GetGlue (social media check-ins)
FeeddlerRSS (rss subscriptions)
Goodreads (printed media social app)
Tiny Tower

Not a huge list compared to most, but they get daily use on my iPhone. What do you use? More business oriented apps, entertainment apps? No matter your interest, there is something for everyone.


One thought on “There’s An App For That

  1. When I had an iPhone (before mines died in a bad accident–long story) I had WordPress
    Victoria’s Secret
    Living Social
    Angry Birds
    Jail Breaker and like you mainly all free apps

    My apps are for entertainment and shopping mainly
    I really miss my iPhone it was just so convenient! Hopefully I’ll get a new one at the top of the year.

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