Wizards, Drug Dealers, Penguins, Oh My!

This weekend’s viewing schedule was a nice assortment of movies and television. Comedy, fantasy, drama – I worked them all into the mix with the following round of Quick Fire Rundown. And, as usual, all descriptions should be considered to contain SPOILERS, should you not have seen the material yourself. Reader beware.

Breaking Bad – I’m 3 episodes in to the first season and I have to say it is pretty good. A drama from AMC (the fine folks that bring us The Walking Dead) that focuses on a high school chemistry teacher who turns to cooking crystal meth for money so he won’t leave his family broke after discovering he has lung cancer.  Whew, try saying all that in one breath. Right now I’m a little torn on the wife and her behavior, but I’m assured I’ll come to hate her in the future.

Popper’s Penguins – Jim Carey is really starting to show his age in this movie, but that doesn’t take away from the charm of its overall lesson. Popper is a damaged man, divorced with two children who really don’t care to spend time with their old man. He is also a go-getter for a large firm that likes to buy up landmarks, tear them down and build glitzy new buildings in their place. He has daddy issues, never having really grown up with his dad since the old man was always off on an exciting expedition to find adventure. Then, one day Popper gets a call and is informed that his father has died and left him a gift. Yes, it turns out to be a penguin. Hilarity, emotional drama and family love rally together by the end and we all learn that heart warming lesson that family comes first above all else. It really is a good family movie and one we will probably watch again.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 – The end of the HP series goes out with … a beer-bellied Ron Weasley. No, wait, I’m getting ahead of myself! After the long, drawn out, long, boring, long Part 1 of The Deathly Hallows, I was scared to even put this one in the dvd player. I honestly don’t remember much about Part 1, except that nearly the entire movie takes place in a tent with Harry and Hermione talking or something. I don’t know.  It was honestly one of the few movies I’ve almost fell asleep watching. Either way, Part 2 starts out nearly the same way, with a bunch of talkie-talkie, then it ramps up. I haven’t read the books, but the movie (the second part anyways) was a fitting end to the franchise, and even though poor Snape goes out like a @#$%, he was still one of my favorite characters in the series.

Neverland – This Syfy Channel original mini-series decides that instead of re-imagining the original Peter Pan, it will instead go back and create an origin story for him. I’ve only watched Part 1 of the 2-parter so far, and it was pretty good. It should also be noted, I guess, that I’m not a huge Peter Pan fan, so I don’t know all the ins and outs of the story and won’t be bothered by any inconsistencies, changes or other issues people may have with this take on the legendary boy. The movie, so far, has come straight out and showed us Peter’s life before Neverland, given him a very Oliver Twist like life, explained what and where Neverland is, why no one ages, etc. They answer the questions people may have asked themselves for years, and if you are a science fiction buff, you may like it, whereas if you are a purist of the Pan story, you may not. It sort of takes away that childish innocence of the original book by getting down to the hardcore nitty-gritty of who, what, when, where and why. Can’t wait to see part 2.


One thought on “Wizards, Drug Dealers, Penguins, Oh My!

  1. Are you a Harry Potter fan? Rachel is, but I’ll admit, I wasn’t always. The first few movies were not very interesting to me. They seemed like Scooby Doo set to a Wizards and Magic theme. And I don’t have anything against wizards or magic. I’m a huge Lord of the Rings fan. (Side note: Gandalf would win in a fight against Dumbledore, any day). But as the Harry Potter series progressed it became darker and more serious. I found myself really enjoying the later movies to the point that I had to read the books. So we are really excited to check out the final Harry Potter film, The Deathly Hallows Part 2. We already have our sitter on stand by for Baby Boy.

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