Two Projects Going Into The New Year

There are two things I have been thinking of trying out myself after Christmas passes through. I say thinking about because, with my skill and luck, even the simplest thing could turn into a disaster. Nevertheless, I’m fairly confident on one and a little iffy on the other. As far as being confident, I’m pretty sure I can upgrade and replace the hard drive in my PS3 with a larger one. As for being on the iffy side, I’d like to look into installing Bootcamp so I can also play PC games on my Macbook.

A few days ago I actually received an “no available space” error on my PS3. While trying to download numerous demos for my boy and I to try out, the system came to a screeching halt. It took me a few seconds to figure out where the location of disc space information was at, but I finally found it and low-n-behold, it is true. I went through and deleted a lot of rental games we had played, and was actually surprised to find out that a lot of Blu-ray movies download and store A L O T of data when you put them in. That whole updating when you put a Blu-ray disc in? Yea, I turned off the automatic updates on that. But still, I think it is time to expand my storage space now that I am actually playing games on the console instead of using it as a Blu-ray player. Luckily, when it comes to replacing the PS3’s hard drive, there are a few hundred videos out there that demonstrate step-by-step how to do it, and it sure looks easy enough. I’ll let you know my own personal experience when I am ready to try it myself.

As for my second project, I am not too sure if I want to go messing around with this expensive laptop and risk messing something up. Sure, I know folks do it all the time, but I am extremely paranoid when it comes to my investments. That’s a lot of money to risk screwing up by having a program go in, partition my hdd and installing a version of Windows 7 on that new space. I may have to look into some Youtube “how-to” videos on this as well and check into the risks.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and whatever your traditions and beliefs, I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.


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