The End is Near!

The end of 2011 is near. In three short days we will cross over into the LAST YEAR OF OUR LIVES! according to the true believers. End of the world type stuff, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria. I may be wrong, but let’s just chill out for a few minutes here and enjoy it for what it is: another year of excitement and adventure – or peace and tranquility depending on your likes and dislikes. I honestly do not believe 2012 will be the year it all ends, but I do believe we are going to see some weird @#$% because of the nut jobs that do believe it will.

With the above in mind, and if your own beliefs about what our future holds allows, I ask you this: Have you made any New Years Resolutions yet? I’m not really big on resolutions. By proclaiming something as my resolution then I am automatically setting myself up for a bigger disappointment if I fail. So, I counter the resolution by making small goals for myself and spacing them throughout the year. This gives me something to work for and build on all year long, gives me time to accomplish each goal individually, and as I reach each milestone, I am rewarded for achieving it, yet also know I still have work ahead of me to meet the next step in my plan.

To answer my own question, though, with three days left, I haven’t made any resolutions/goals yet. Too much going on at home right now to focus on setting those long term goals. Both with distant family relative issues (on the wife’s side) to wondering what is going to happen at work in the new year to come. And, I suppose I might as well throw it out there, I also need to go to the doctor because of some health issues I seem to be having. Could be nothing but my imagination, but I’ve put off finding out long enough. Oh, and jury duty. Can’t forget the joys of receiving that little piece of paper in the mail either.

I’ll have a goal before January 1st, I’m sure, even if it is just one. I always have something. Just not sure what it will be.


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