Spaced (Netflix)

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Based on the recommendation of a co-worker, I decided to jump into a new British television show. Spaced is written by and stars Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson. They play Tim and Daisy, two people who meet after being dumped by their significant others. In need of better jobs and a place to live, they agree to pose as a “professional” couple to rent a flat. Their neighbors and friends are an eclectic group of folks who add to the insanity and make the show a brilliant comedy. Spaced consists of only 2 seasons, or “series,” and have 7 episodes per series. At roughly 30 minutes an episode, it is a quick viewing experience. If you are a fan of Pegg, it is a must see.

The series is now available on Netflix Instant Streaming.


2 thoughts on “Spaced (Netflix)

  1. This is an absolutely wonderful show.

    Fun Fact: Did you know that Bill Bailey (Simon Pegg’s boss in the comic book shop) is actually an accomplished pianist?

  2. Thank you for your reply! I absolutely agree with you on it being a wonderful show. Finished series 1 but I hate to start series 2 because I know that is it. No more 😦

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