Time to Whip Out My Man Card

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The thing about being a guy is that people expect you to do certain things. Hang a television wall mount, for example. Install an under the counter cd/radio. Cut a hole and put in a pet door. These things require power tools, therefore they are man-jobs. Oh, and don’t even get me started on plumbing or electrical work. I will say that I’m smart enough to steer completely clear of electrical work because, well, I like living.

I have to say that I do not know how to do most of these things. If it involves anything more than a hammer and a screw driver, I’m clueless. It’s new to me, but I’m learning. Mostly I am learning because we are now home owners and, by golly, someone has to do the work! The money tree doesn’t produce enough bills to call someone every time something needs to be done, unfortunately. So thanks to my mom’s boyfriend, one of my wife’s uncles, and on occasion her grandfather, I have worked on our plumbing, installed a pet door, even did minor wiring and installed a new dishwasher. I have even disassembled and worked on our washer (we did end up getting a new one a couple of months after that, but I prolonged the life just long enough).

And now, today, as I pick up a power drill and sort through to find the bits necessary, I once again whip out my man card and check off two more new abilities. Todays projects involve hanging an lcd television in our son’s room and installing an under-counter cd/radio for my wife in the kitchen. Easy, I’m sure, but two more things I’ve never done before. But I’m learning.

So, unless I collapse the house, blow something up, drill into a pipe or wire that we have to evacuate over … I’ll see you next time, a little more manlier than before. I’ll leave you with a hearty “Arr-har-arrr” Tim the Tool Man Taylor grunt.


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