This Weekends Entertainment Rundown

This weekend I continued my quest to clear out the movies that have been sitting in my Netflix queue for awhile. I also broke down and finished watching the last two episodes of Spaced. Here’s a quick rundown.

Spaced, Season 2 (7 episodes) – Spaced follows a two friends who pretend to be a couple in order to rent a flat. They are both struggling for better jobs and have off the wall experiences with their small group of friends.

To refresh your memories, I started watching Spaced at the recommendation of a friend and co-worker. If you are familiar with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost – well, they are part of the ensemble cast here. Seasons 1 and 2 each consisted 7 episodes each. I flew through the first 7 and then tried to space (no pun intended) out the second season. I love this series. It’s love for pop culture and the way it plays to the fanboys of the various genres of film, game and comic culture is brilliant. I am sad that the series ended and that there will probably never be another one, but I am also so glad that I got to experience this show and these insane, lovable characters. I don’t highly recommend something often, but I highly recommend you check this out if you are into the geek/nerd culture.

Daybreakers– A virus has swept across the entire world and turned 98% of the world population into vampires. These aren’t blood thirsty insane vampires – they’re still “human” in their ways, as they have jobs and work, our government is still in tact and they shop,

Cover of "Daybreakers"
Cover of Daybreakers

take the subway, drive cars, etc – they just do it at night. One company, ran by Sam Neil, harvests real humans for their blood. The problem with this is, humans are nearing extinction and the blood supply is running short. Enter a top notch hematologist who wants to find a cure for the virus and save everyone. Turning the vampires back into humans is not profitable, therefore he isn’t exactly looked upon favorably. Ethan Hawk plays our hero hematologist, and he just so happens to run into a group of humans who trust him and share what they know about a possible cure. The only problem with coming up with a cure is trying to give it to people that may not want it.

Daybreakers is one of the movies I wasn’t too sure about when I added it to my queue. I am pleased to say I enjoyed it! It has a well written story, elaborate mythos, developed characters, a good plot and not such a happy-go-lucky ending, yet a semi-depressing happy ending all the same. Good vampire flick, lots of blood and some really good action sequences.

The Perfect Host – stars David Hyde Pierce and a bunch of other people I’ve never heard of. Pierce is most memorable to me as playing Miles, Frasier’s snooty brother on Fraiser many years ago. The Perfect Host is an independent film about what happens when a bank robbery goes bad and the robber decides to hold up in a man’s house on the eve of a dinner party. This is one trippie movie, folks! David Hyde Pierce is fantastic, especially when he breaks it down to At the Carwash. The shark may have been jumped just a bit by the filmmakers throwing in four separate twists at the end. The first two I honestly did not see coming at all. But by the time the last two were presented, it was a bit predictable. Good movie, great acting, eerie story and some twists and turns near the end.

Courageous – from the same folks that brought us Fireproof (a film about marriage and faith) comes Courageous. Courageous is a film about fathers and faith. The film revolves around 4 police officers and an unemployed man down on his luck. The film is about fatherhood, what it means to be a father and focuses on the duties that fall upon fathers. It is actually a really good movie with a fantastic story. The story, in my opinion, was so good that I didn’t even acknowledge the usually poor performances in faith-based films. Of course it is also open for bashing due to people feeling the need to assault these types of faith-based films, but it really is a decent, heart-felt film with lots of humor and compassion.

Over all it was a great weekend for movie viewing in my house. No rotten tomatoes here.


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