The above preview is from an awesome blog. Please visit it and let the author know how much you like the post. As for me, this is my thought on the article:  I work too much. I’ll never hit the lottery because I don’t play it, so I work. Long hours. Hours longer than they should be, but that’s another story. The pay is nice and the over time adds up quickly. But it comes with a price. I admit that it didn’t really hit me until the last year or so when my boy actually made a comment about me always having to work. That’s when you know you are working too much. Some people are so obsessed with having money in their bank account or large bills in their wallet. I just want my boy to remember the time I spent with him after I’m gone, not that I was always at work.

Awesomely Awake

It’s not easy being a parent. No matter if you work outside the home, inside the home. No matter if you have one, two, three or fifteen children. No matter if you have a small house in a big city or a big house in a small city. No matter if you have money or very little money.

Raising children is hard work — at least it is if you are doing it right.

It’s really no wonder parents are spending more time than ever checking in on Facebook, smart phones, or doing project after project after project. It helps to have something to do rather than sit around and dwell on all the stuff we want to be able to do or used to be able to do but no longer can. This self-medicating with social media is harmful — as Rachel at Hands Free Mama has said so eloquently this…

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