I Have Learned To Research Before I Buy

I do like to emerse myself into a good game. Even classics such as The Legend of  Zelda or Final Fantasy can still bring back memories of a more innocent 8-bit era. Recently – as in, just this past Sunday – I had the urge to go back and play Diablo 2. Blizzard Entertainment

Cover art from Diablo II, a game designed by S...
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is the publisher of the Diablo franchise (and Starcraft and World of Warcraft and the Warcraft series.) One of the great things about Blizzard is that they offer digital downloads of their top money-making series. Another great thing about Blizzard is the fact that they offer their games on PC and Mac platforms. If you buy a game, there on the same disc is both versions of the game! Amazing!

So, Sunday I set off to the Blizzard Store, logged into my Battle.net account and added Diablo 2 to my games list. $9.99 digital download, manual available online. PC and/or Mac available for download after purchase and content is stored in your digital locker so that you may download it as many times as you want thereafter. I selected the Mac download and waited patiently as the game found its way to my laptops hard drive. Once downloaded, I anxiously clicked on the install file and got this error message:

Oops! We’re sorry! OSX Lion No Longer Supports PowerPC Programs! Catch Ya Later!

Well, maybe it phrased it a little differently, but that was the gist of it. So I researched this error message (meaning I Googled it,) and sure enough, many wonderful Mac games are no longer supported under the Lion version of the operating system. I would call my $10 purchase a complete waste, but luckily it is downloadable to my PC (where I happily played it.)

My point with this pointless post is to do your research first! If I’d paid attention to all the forum posts spread out across the internet, I would have been given a complete list of games that no longer are supported. This is sad because, even though the Mac isn’t considered a gaming system, it still handles games just as well as a PC. Game companies do not take advantage of the system, though, choosing instead to release everything to the PC instead. A few companies tend to the Mac crowd, but oh-so-few.

This isn’t to say you CAN’T play these games, with a little work. There are programs (Parallels, Crossover) you can download to your Mac that will allow certain PC-based games play on your Apple computer. There is also Boot Camp, which partitions your hard drive and lets you install Windows on one half and then lets you choose which OS to boot from. OSX for your Mac work or Windows for PC work.

So, pay attention before you buy those classic games, folks. Mac or PC, check the requirements, do a little research and make sure they are still supported by your system. It’ll save you some time, and more importantly, money!


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