Updated: Breaking News! Miley Cyrus Gets a Haircut!

After going back and looking at my post from yesterday, I realize what an ass I must have sounded like. I do not, at all, blame celebrities for all the weird and deeply personal attention they get. Most definitely I don’t blame the fans or general public who appreciate such things as fashions and a look into the glamorous lifestyle that we may never experience. 

Looking back on the blog post, I suppose the one I really blame is the news media at large. When I originally started to type that all out yesterday, that was the point I was going for, but then I took a left turn and the GPS got all confused and next thing I know – BAM – we’re out in mental breakdown land. 

My apologies for the brief rant Monday. I’ll try to contain myself next time and provide you with a little more coherency in my thoughts.

And now, I present to you, my original post:

Sometimes I wonder what a “slow news day” must be like. Then, I stumble across articles like, “Miley Cyrus Get Another Haircut.” No, there is no link to the article because I wouldn’t give the page unnecessary hits for such a story. Then there are the style reports, of course. The Grammy’s were last night so today the big news was what the celebrities were wearing. I guess it may be rude and I may be one of the few who feel this way, but I really don’t care. We wonder why celebrities act the way they do when they are snobbish and snotty, yet we cater to their egos by posting stories about what they are wearing or who they are dating or where they went on vacation.

I enjoy movies and I enjoy movies even more if it has a particular star I’ve enjoyed in the past. But I could live my entire life and not care one bit about what their religion is, who they are dating, where they went on vacation, what kind of car they drive, etc, etc, etc … Sometimes we put celebrities (and sports figures and political figures and so on) on such a high pedestal and assume that all of this information is ours to know. But really, the majority of them are normal folks and this business is their job. It racks in the money, puts them on public display, but they deserve their privacy to. If you had just gotten out of the hospital after having a baby, would you want 3 dozen cameras trying to snap your picture and that of your newborn child?

We, as a species, are savage when it comes to the lives of those around us, even if it’s just our co-workers, neighbors or friends. We have to know what they buy, where they shop, how much they spend, what’s going on in their private lives. “Oh, I bet that cost a lot,” “wow I can’t believe they actually spent money on that,” “have you heard who he/she is dating!?”

They say the grass is greener on the other side. That’s because we’re so busy tending to their grass that we let our own die over lack of attention. If we spent a little more time tending our own grass (business) and not worrying about the celebrities, neighbors or co-workers, we’d have a rich, healthy lawn all of our own.


2 thoughts on “Updated: Breaking News! Miley Cyrus Gets a Haircut!

  1. niiiiice analogy. i just thought the grass was greener because they had more crap to fertilize it with, but i like your analogy. I am celeb-obsessed however, i am not manic about it. I really don’t care who got a haircut and all that. I like to see what the stars wear to events and i love the events themselves. I do think that because they make a living in the public eye that people believe their private lives deserve the public treatment as well. I want to be a part of the glitz and glamour of that life someday. I want to go to award shows and wear silly frilly dresses and have my hair and make up done by members of my entourage. Is it silly? maybe! But i am not jaded enough to not know that there is a seedy underbelly to celbri-dom anyway, nice blog.

  2. Understandable. I realize my opinion may be in the minority as far as the designer dresses, suites, make-up etc. And honestly I know it isn’t the celebrities fault as far as that type of publicity goes. I suppose my post should have been directed more toward the media than the objects of their stalker-like obsessions.

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