Misfits (Hulu)

There’s another British science-fiction series out there I’d like to promote. I suppose the most popular one folks over here know is Doctor Who, but that’s a fun jaunt through time and space and occasionally a dimension or two with an alien thrown in to the mix at some point. What I want to discuss is a much, much more adult series. No, not Torchwood, either. I’m talking about one that’s even more adult than anything Captain Jack has thrown at us! Please allow me to introduce you to Misfits.

Misfits is a series about a group of 20-somethings that are doing community service in a fictional town. They are caught, along with their parole officer, in a freak storm one afternoon and struck by lightening (yes, all of them). They soon discover that the lightening has given them super powers, each one having a power that – to us the viewer – fit their personalities. But wait, this isn’t a British version of Heros. No, this series is actually good! I know, that’s not fair because, seriously, Heros had its moments, it just didn’t know how to carry through with the whole super powers business. A majority of the time, the characters in Heros walked through entire seasons moping around about their powers and what a curse they were and how they wanted to be rid of them. In Misfits, there is no moping (well, there is a little by one of the gang who isn’t quit sure what his power is yet, but there are hints as the first season progresses). There is also no real super heroics – at least not yet.

What Misfits brings to the table, in my opinion, is an example of how well a show about super powers can be done. The writing is excellent, plot points are seeded and weaved through the entire season’s story arc. Each character has their stereotypical foibles, but they are relatable as young adults trying to come into their own. Misfits is also funny, dramatic, suspenseful and very adult. If this were filmed in America, it would be broadcast on one of the cable movie channels. The series contains strong language, occasional nudity, sexual situations and every now and then other adult content. But if you can stomach those things, you should at least give the series a shot. And I don’t mean the first episode, although that is a great place to start 😉  The show really struck me at episode 4, which I just finished watching. Many plot points came together here, and that’s a good thing considering there is only 6 episodes per season.

That is another thing you should know going in, I suppose. There are currently 3 complete seasons available for free on Hulu. It has also been announced that a fourth season will be filmed this year (2012), and I can’t wait for it as long as the stories stay strong. Go check out Hulu, this particular content is free, but also only available from a computer or laptop. You will also have to create an account if you don’t have one already, but no Plus membership is required.

Misfits on Hulu (link)


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