Sex-Changing Treatment for Kids

From Yahoo! News: Sex-Changing Treatment for Kids: It’s on the Rise

I originally posted the following comment on my Facebook wall for my friends to read, along with a link to the article. You know how the whole process goes, I’m sure. Anyways, considering my friendships on Facebook, I figure there was bound to be a few people that would either take it the wrong way and get mad, or take it the way I intended it and still get mad. So, I will post it here instead. I normally try to stray away from issues such as this because of the tone they set – same goes for politics and religion. But I’m in a mood tonight and thought I’d share. So, without further ado, the following is my original, unedited post from Facebook after seeing the article linked above.

The kid in the article was 18 months old when she told her parents she was a boy. They went with it and raised her as a boy. The girls classmates all think she’s a boy. The parents are even watching for the first signs of puberty so they can begin the sex change process. I’d recommend shooting the mom and dad in the head, throwing the kid in therapy and taking away the license of all the doctors involved in this case. 18 months old? Really? She could barely walk and couldn’t even form a complete sentence but knew right away that she was born the wrong sex. I’m ashamed to admit I live on the same planet as the people in this article. Even the reporter refers to her as a him throughout the entire piece. If a grown legal aged teen/adult wants to have this procedure, by all means go ahead. But when you start taking the word of a 1 1/2 year old as definitive on the subject and proceed to raise them as the opposite sex, that’s messed up.
Maybe not newspaper-print quality, but what do you expect for a post to a social networking site? Either way, I vented, now I’m off to bed. Have a good day, sir-and-or-madam.

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