No, Really, I Haven’t Seen It

Some movies are so engrained in our society that we quote from them daily. Fans of the culture surrounding these classics are usually hardcore in their devotion. So much so that they will defend the film against any unkind remarks.

I have to admit that, while I love movies, there are a few I haven’t seen. Maybe a YouTube clip here or there, or a trailer, or even a minute or two while flipping channels maybe. But I’ve never sat all the way through the following movies.

The Godfather Trilogy
It’s A Wonderful Life
The Thing
The Princess Bride
Gone With the Wind
Clerks (the first one)
Any Clint Eastwood movie, western or otherwise except for Gran Torino

Am I missing out here? Heck, I just recently watched two complete John Wayne movies. Maybe I’m just not as dedicated a movie viewer as I believe I am 🙂


5 thoughts on “No, Really, I Haven’t Seen It

  1. I have an almost unhealthy love for movies, and yet I’ve never seen Star Wars…any of them.

  2. Same here. I’m a 27 male and I’ve never seen any Godfather movie, Citizen Kane, John Wayne movie, Gone With the Wind, English Patient, the Notebook, Goodfellas…
    I do consider myself a movie fan, though. I just don’t think I have to like every movie that gets made into a t-shirt.

    Oh! Scarface…never saw it and I never will.

  3. Movies you have to watch from your list and will thank yourself after:
    Godfather Part I and II
    It’s A Wonderful Life (no, really)
    The Princess Bride

    The others are up to you…

  4. Star Wars: I have watched all 6, can name all the characters, vehicles, have collected the toys, read a few of the books. But I am not a fan of the movies. The “new” trilogy I actually enjoy more for the light saber and space battles, but the writing across all 6 is horrible and the acting … Ugh.

  5. Movies for a Rainy Day: I have seen The Notebook, it was a “guy” movie even though it’s a chick-flick. And if you ever get the urge to watch John Wayne I recommend McLintock and True Grit.

    I’ve also never seen Citizen Cane or Goodfellas

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