U.S. Sues Apple Over Ebook Pricing

A couple of months ago I posted a link and provided a few thoughts on the subject of ebook prices. (Article on Why E-Books are Expensive). In the article, written by a MSN journalist, it mentioned that Apple, as well as some major publishers, were being investigated for price-fixing in the market. Well, come today, the headline reads that the U.S. is suing Apple over ebook pricing. Check out the link below for the complete story.

Justice Department Sues Apple Over E-Book Price Fixing

A brief snippet:

Apple and the publishers reached an agreement where retail price competition would cease, retail e-books prices would increase significantly and Apple would be guarantee a 30 percent “commission” on each e-book sold, according to court document published on The Wall Street Journal’s website.

The conspiracy has caused e-book consumers to pay “tens of millions of dollars more for e-books than they otherwise would have paid,” the Justice Department said.


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