Brother-Sister Couple Can’t Legally Hook-Up in Germany

Via MSN News – Brother-sister couple fail in fight against anti-incest laws

MSN has a post concerning a brother and sister in Germany who took their fight to the government. Their particular fight was to have incest legalized. The European Court of Human Rights refused the claim, saying incest was still illegal because of the impact it could have on children further down the line. Mind you, Germany is still anti-incest, but France thinks it is okay, and Sweden even allows half-siblings to marry.

The most disturbing thing I find in the article isn’t that they went to bat to rub against each other. No, what I don’t get is – if incest is illegal in Germany, why does this couple have FOUR KIDS ALREADY?! Two of them with disabilities. Evidently it isn’t too illegal or looked down upon if they’re still being allowed to reproduce.

I know, I know, I’m old fashioned. We’re suppose to accept anyone who finds love with another person, right? After all, aren’t we all brothers and sisters in humanity – therefore all guilty of mass incestuous activities. Hoorah! As the saying here down south goes, “Why go across the street when you can go across the hall,” amirite?!

* Please note the sarcasm in the last bit there. I wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea 😉


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