Marvel’s The Avengers vs The X-Men

It is here, True Believers! Marvels hyped up storyline, The Avengers VS The X-Men arrived this week with issue one of a limited 6 part series. But wait! If you think this is some earth shattering storyline that will forever alter the Marvel Universe, let’s take a step back. Right off the bat, inside the front cover, Marvel answers a few questions before jumping into the event.

Q: What is this book?

A: It’s Versus #1, the fightingest book you’ve ever read, where we take fights from Avengers vs X-Men and expand them into all-out smash-ups!

Q: Avengers vs X-Men? Isn’t that the comic book event of the year?

A: It sure is!

Q: So this is part of a big event book that is the centerpiece of the Marvel Universe, with continuity connectivity to all corners of the super hero world?

A: NOPE! This book is about AWESOME BRAWLING! You want plot? Look elsewhere, chum. You want knock-down, drag-out whuppin’? We got you covered.

Q: When do these take place?

A: Right smack in the middle of Avengers vs X-Men #2

Q: What happens in that issue?

A: What are you, dense? Go buy it, if you wanna know. This is about fights!

Q: … OK, I think I get you …?

A: Good!

So, after you realize that this is a 6-issue series that will have no affect what-so-ever on the Marvel Universe, and is instead just a couple of groups thrown together to see who can trump the other, you should be set. It’s all in fun, has no lasting impact on continuity (which is laughable since comic companies usually crap on continuity anyways). And in the first issue you are presented with fights between: The Invincible Iron Man vs Magneto and The Thing vs Namor, The Sub-Mariner!

Go, read, enjoy. Try not to take it too seriously, the creators of this event don’t seem to be.


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