Will George R. R. Martin Sell Out?

While scrubbing away in the shower this morning (TMI?) I was going through all the random thoughts bouncing around in my head. One suddenly hit me from out of the blue concerning one of my favorite fantasy series right now. A Song of Ice and Fire is the series name of all the novels that reside under George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy world of Westeros.

My question is this: Will knowing that what he writes may eventually be aired for millions of viewers via HBO’s Game of Thrones series, affect how Martin writes the last three novels in the series? Will feedback of fans, producers, HBO’s honcho’s themselves – in any way – direct how the story now flows as GRRM finishes up the series? Will different characters live and/or die, will events unfold differently knowing that they may be translated to the small screen.

I’m a little concerned. I’m not saying GRRM would sell-out or anything, but maybe subconsciously he might change a scene or tweak a character because of the knowledge that a television series could be continued from this. It’s happened to greater and lesser folk, I just hope we get a fairly untainted finale from the series. I’m already too deeply involved in the novels to suddenly have them go all Hollywood on me.


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