The Avengers – Opening Day!

Went to see The Avengers today. I flew it solo, as the wife and son didn’t want to go today. Hated to do it, but I ditched them like a bad habit and drove to the 3:40 PM showing. No lines, but the theater was packed by the time the lights went down, and after it was over, walking out, I wasn’t too surprised to see a line formed from the theater door, down a wall, wrapped around and trailing off to the ticket booth of folks waiting to see the next showing. I’m glad I didn’t wait til later this weekend!

To get it out of the way right up front: excellent movie, worth the wait, going back to see it again this weekend with the wife and son.

That is my review! You’ve read about The Avengers for a year or more. You’ve seen clips, behind the scenes videos, interviews cut with snippets of footage, etc. And, honestly, if you’ve watched all the previously mentioned then you have pretty much seen about 90 % of the movie, and that’s not a bad thing, but it is a bit disappointing that the studio didn’t leave a little more to the imagination when promoting the film all this time.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll step off the great Avengers band wagon a minute. The Avengers has, indeed, raised the bar for superhero movies. It is groundbreaking. Is it a great movie in and of itself? No, of course not. But, where The Avengers stands out – in both comic book films and regular films – is that it is an action packed movie that has a huge big-named cast playing some A-List superheros. These guys have been brought together to headline a single film and have to share the screen time with one another. It should be chaos with all the egos and glitz blinding the camera, but it isn’t! It is, instead, a great film that I can’t wait to own when it is released on Blu Ray.

So, should you go see this? Yes. Even if you aren’t a fan of comics or guys in costumes? Yes, it’s a really good movie, great actors, fairly solid script, explosions, fighting, aliens and even a tragic loss of life to rally the heroes together for one last confrontation.

The Avengers. Five thumbs up.


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