Dietrich Stogner’s Project 52

Dietrich Stogner – you know that name, right? No? Well then might  I suggest you head over to his site and check out the work he has on display. Just recently, Stogner self-published his own novel, 72 Hours (available on B&N’s Nook or Amazon’s Kindle). Visit his website and you will also be treated to his short stories. Currently he is working on Project 52, which is where the goal is to write one piece of short fiction per week for an entire year. He has three under his belt so far, releasing them every Sunday. I will proudly admit that he has yet to disappoint me. I thoroughly enjoy Mr. Stogner’s writing and wish I could muster even half of his talent. Hopefully a large, jolly publisher will scoop this gentleman up and give him the broader audience he deserves.

Dietrich Stogner: Project 52


2 thoughts on “Dietrich Stogner’s Project 52

  1. YAY! I am glad you have read Dietrich’s book and follow his blog. He is an amazing writer. I was honored to have a class with him. He provided very valuable feedback and is just an all around great guy. Check out the librarypolice. He along with a friend discuss books. It is awesome and worth a listen. They have recommended some really good books and they debate over books. i find my taste vary between the two of them but normally i like the books Dietrich recommends. How did you hear about him?

  2. Haven’t read 72 Hours, but I do greatly enjoy the short stories he publishes on his site. And I heard about him through you. You had at some point posted a link to his blog on Facebook.

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