The Right Choice – Inspirational Video

The above video is about a young woman who found out bad news concerning her unborn child. When the baby, Christian, was born, they found out how bad the news really was. He was born with a rare form of cleft lip (his was one of only 50 cases in the world) and to compound matters, Christian was also born without eyes. Watch the video as the mother shows you notes explaining her story and that of Christian.

*Edit* – Leading the Blind is Lacey & Christian’s blog. Please visit and read their story. You can also view their community page on Facebook by clicking Facebook: Lacey and Christian Buchanan

As for me – wow. I can not begin to imagine what it would be like to raise a child with Christian’s disabilities, let alone any disability. I’m not saying my wife and I wouldn’t – we would do the best we could with what we have. The discussion was made with our doctor when we found out she was pregnant 8 years ago about what we would consider should they detect any abnormalities. Even though our son was born 7 weeks premature, we are lucky to have him healthy, extremely talkative and smart as a whip.

For the mother in the above video, I applaud her strength and courage, no matter if she faltered for even a second with the pressure and doubts put on her by others. She is a real mom and Christian is lucky to have her. I won’t even question the fact that no other mention is made of the dad and no pictures are shown with him and the baby, but that’s really none of our business anyways. I just hope he was man enough to stand by his wife and son.

Videos and people like this put the little things in my life in perspective. We tend to whine a bit at the least little things in life, yet look at a happy, healthy baby like Christian. Folks can say he is destined for cruel jokes and heart breaks, but who are we to predetermine his future? To us, this may be a disability, but if you are born that way and you know nothing else, how can you consider yourself disabled when you grow with your body adjusting, learning from the start how to adapt and live and survive. More power to you, Christian. I hope you have a wonderful life.


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