A Quick Rant That Just Hit Me

Sometimes I’ll be sitting here, staring at Facebook, reading peoples posts and something will hit me. A nerve will be struck or a bit of dust will get knocked loose from my brain and fire off a neuron somewhere in there. Either way, I present my latest redneck rant:

Republicans are evil, Democrats are destroying the nation, gay marriage controversy, war across the globe, neighborhood vigilantes, preaching tolerance while bashing this group or that in the same sentence, blah-blah-blah. Billy Joel should write an update to his We Didn’t Start the Fire song and include all the garbage people worry about these days instead of just living and enjoying life and taking care of one another.

Life is deemed so hectic that the majority of people can’t take the time to help a friend or have dinner with family or phone a parent or grandparent just to say “Hi,” – yet we can take half a day to sit and debate, argue and worry over such hate-filled garbage that fills the papers and television.

Same goes for work. 99% of the folks I seem to work with are more worried about what the other person is doing, how much they’re making, how many breaks they are taking and what the latest gossip on the guy down the line is that they aren’t concentrating on earning their own wage.

I guess the point of my post today is: we, as humans, have reached a point where we just plain suck.

I really wanted to be like 90% of the world and write something dramatic here. To comment on the state of the world or the corruption in our government or the inequality all around us based on age, race, religion, looks, weight, height, mental capacity, etc. 

But then I stopped and thought about it all, and realized I really just don’t care enough. People are going to cry about something no matter how rich, poor, white, black, gay or straight they are (like me and this post). The world isn’t fair, unfortunately, but it’s how you take it and make it work for you that sets the pace – or so I believe.

But then again, I’m a 36 year old guy who collects comic books and Magic the Gathering cards, enjoys playing video games and getting lost in a good science fiction or fantasy novel. What do I know?


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