Two Tidbits for the Weekend

I remember hearing a week or so ago that AMC had renewed Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men “reality” series. Looking it up myself, sure enough, it seems to be true! While I was a little luke warm on the series during it’s 6-episode limited run, by the end of the 6th episode, I was disappointed that there wouldn’t be anymore. Thankfully AMC felt the same way, I guess, because the guys and their well-screened walk-in customers will be back. You can read more about CBM’s renewal and that of The Talking Dead at The Wrap. (The Wrap: Kevin Smith’s ‘Comic Book Men,’ ‘The Talking Dead’ Renewed by AMC)

Secondly, on a more personal note, I have successfully kicked my own butt and am back on my reading list. Around the end of February, I completely lost all interest in picking up a book and flipping a page due to work, lack of spare time, etc. Even having given up WoW and my PS3 being down, I still had no free time. Now, I’m back on track and have some catching up to do.

Have a good weekend!


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