Everclear Online (<– clickity-click)

I’m not really sure when, where or why I discovered Everclear. I was probably in my late 20’s I suppose, but something caught my attention. I believe it may have been around the time their album Songs from an American Movie Vol. 1: Learning How to Smile was released, so that would have been around 2000. That would have put me at 24, actually! The song A.M. Radio was in constant rotation on the radio, and because of that one the d-jays were also throwing up songs like So Much for the Afterglow and Everything to Everyone. Well, to make a long story short, I fell in love with their music. It lit a spark in my brain, travelled down a nerve and that was it. Sadly, as with my reading, I had a period where I fell out of the music scene. Hardly listened to anything but talk radio and a few podcasts for several years. Recently, though, I’ve started digging out those old cd’s.

I’m not a one trick-pony, though — or in this case, a one genre listener. I know folks that only listen to one type of music – be it country, rock, pop, grunge, rap, metal. But I like to sample all the flavors at the dessert bar. I suppose if I had to pick a genre of music, I’d lean more toward either country or pop, but that’s fairly recently. Some of my favorite artists include: Dave Matthews Band, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley, Meat Loaf, Linkin Park. You may get the idea. And yes, I did just type Meat Loaf in that little list!

One thing I have come to enjoy, when it comes to my music choices, is some of these “struggling” or up and coming Youtube musicians. There are some really, really good folks out there. A couple right off the top of my head are the duo groups of A Band of Ninjas (who do an awesome rendition of Ice, Ice Baby) and Michael Henry & Justin Robinett. Highly recommend checking both of those out. There is also Tyler Ward, but he’s leaving behind his roots, it seems and doing more professional music videos and singing with other guest artists. It kind of diminishes the appeal I had for his music – but that’s just me. He is still a very talented young man. Of the three, I’ve actually bought a couple of Michael and Justin’s cd’s from iTunes, and I’ve picked up a couple of individual songs from Tyler Ward. Good music, folks.

And now, if you will excuse me, I believe I need to get in my reading for the day. I’m not cheating on my music, though. I’ve been sitting here listening to some tunes while writing this. Have a good night!


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