Battleship (The Movie) – Give It a Chance!

I’m sure that if you are like me, you’ve heard all the negative hype and humor regarding the new Battleship movie. It is billed as a movie based on the Hasbro board game, and while Hasbro is right up front in the films credits, that comparison is pretty much where it ends. My son drug The Wife and I to see Battleship this past Memorial Day weekend, and I was scared to death it was going to be as bad as everyone said it was. But guess what? It was a good, solid movie!

I am happy and sad at the same time over this revelation. I’m happy because I went to see it and thoroughly enjoyed the film and what it brought to the Summer Movie Line-up. I’m sad because the negative hype surrounding the movie has already hurt the movie so badly that it is going to be viewed as the biggest loser of the season, more than likely.

If there is anything bad to say about the film, it would be that some of the acting is poor. But to counter that, you have to consider the fact that the filmmakers brought in actual military personnel and veterans to give it more authenticity. So these aren’t professional actors, folks and it does show. But the special effects, the story, the execution of the production – fantastic. It is a bit slow, but it builds on the story and action to the climactic fight – which is beautifully presented.

Great movie, folks, unfortunately it is too late to bring it back around. But if you have some free time, go check it out, give them a chance and don’t listen to all the criticism. I will definitely be buying this one on Blu Ray when it comes out.


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