The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

I am a huge fan of podcasting. Have not tried it myself, yet, but a friend and I are always discussing the idea of trying out a few episodes of a podcast of our own. I do love to listen to podcasts, though. What a great way to pass the time if you have the opportunity. Just grab your mp3 player and turn on a couple of folks discussing a popular topic you enjoy. The subject range of podcasts is staggering and I’ve added to and deleted from my playlist many times over the past several years. Right now, though, I thought I’d share what is currently syncing to my iPhone to get me through the work nights …

The Angry Mailman Podcast (Yes, Anthony Alex is a real rural postal carrier. His show is G-rated 99% of the time, and Anthony and his co-host Bubba and occasional co-host Andrew Alex, his brother, have great stories to share.)

Critical Hit: A Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Podcast (The guys from Major Spoilers are now in their 4th “season” of playing a custom campaign following 4th edition D&D rules. I love the humor and interactions between players and characters.)

The Library Police (If you are into literature and enjoy listening to two well-spoken gentlemen discussing books, then you should definitely give this one a shot. The duo keep it interesting while talking about a wide variety of novels.)

Major Spoilers Podcast (Steven, Rodrigo and Matthew provide two great shows of the MSP a week, with their mid-week show focusing on reviewing a larger subject, and then the weekend free-for-all where anything goes. Topics include comics, movies, television, history, current events, their personal lives, etc all presented with their trademark brand of humor)

Top Five (The THIRD podcast from the Major Spoilers crew finds the trio rating a vast assortment of subjects from Historical or Fictional Character You’d Like To Have Tea With to Fictitious City You’d Most Like To Live In)

The 40 Cast (Open Forum Radio’s most hilarious drunken podcast. The crew discusses their favorite craft brews, then launch into current events, sports, movies, games and television. They also have a relationship section every now and then and a ton of guest hosts join them from the community.)

What kind of podcasts are you in to? Are there any that you feel you couldn’t live without? I know my list use to be much larger, but I have had to trim it because of the time required to catch up on shows that have a larger back library of episodes.


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