Updated My 2012 Reading List

Since I’m doing such a bang-up job on my 2012 reading list – meaning, I haven’t read anything since February – I’ve added several new books. One of the good things about Goodreads is that it can offer you suggestions based on previous reading material. One of the bad things is that I’ll probably never even come close to reading half of the books I have listed. But a man can try, darn it!

My 2012 Reading List


One thought on “Updated My 2012 Reading List

  1. We are a family of bookworms. When the girls were little, we loved going to bed and waking up by reading a fun stack of our favorite picture books – books that now I will never be able to part with. But as the girls have grown, we’ve moved into new and even more exciting territory: the chapter book read-alouds. It’s probably not a coincidence that this is something that has become part of our family life given that my dad reading aloud is definitely a favorite memory from my childhood . The first chapter book I read to our family was Charlotte’s Web, and by the time we got to the part when the lovely Charlotte comforts Wilbur as she is meeting her tragic end, Bella was fully engaged, weeping along with Wilbur. She was so affected, loved the story and wanted to hear it again immediately. And I’ll never forget reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane to both the girls, crying so hard myself by the end that I could barely get the last words out.

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