Just Because I Haven’t Blogged Lately, Here’s a Little Bit o’ Nothing

I have decided to blog since I haven’t blogged in several weeks. The reason for this sudden blog post is to celebrate a lull in my work schedule. That’s right, for the past few weeks I’ve been pulling in a little over 70+ hours per week across 7 days of each week. That means I pretty much sleep, work, sleep, work, etc, etc. Because of this increase in hours, I’ve been a little unfocused because my brain refused to work by the third week. I couldn’t force myself to focus on any one thing, so I just kind of went through the motions on a poorly patched version of auto-pilot.


Despite being over-worked, a few good things have come out of this. First, of course, is the money. Overtime, time-and-a-half, double-time, it all adds up to extra funds in the checking account. As such, those extra funds have been put to good use, and as a reward for the numerous hours, the family is going on a little vacation soon. Nothing fancy, nothing too far off, but we’re getting away from here for a couple of days and enjoying ourselves.

Second, while sitting at my desk at work or riding around on the lift when in the warehouse, I’ve been able to catch up on many episodes of my favorite new podcast, The Library Police. The Library Police is – if you haven’t guessed – a literary podcast. I have a link to their site on the right, please visit and give the guys a listen. Funny, informative and very well put together, the podcast fills a hole in my listening library that I didn’t really know was there.

And finally, the big elephant in the room – Diablo 3. I want to talk more about Diablo 3 at a later time, but just rest assured that it’ll probably be something along the lines of what you’ve read in a million other places. The difference, of course, will be that it’s written by me! But yes, Diablo 3’s normal difficulty was beaten with the help of a long-time friend and former co-worker. He and I zoomed through the normal difficulty and beat the bejeesus out of the big bad guy, watched the fabulous cgi movies and was then instantly thrown into Nightmare mode. Ohhhhhh, Nightmare Mode, how I love thee. I have issues with how easy the “normal” mode is, but Nightmare makes up for it by being a perfect mixture. Nightmare is what I believe most games would consider as a normal mode – except Diablo 3’s Nightmare mode is 10x better because, well, it’s Diablo 3.

So, despite being over-worked, under rested and unable to think, I did listen to a backlog of a great podcast, beat the normal mode of my current favorite game and also go the ka-ching to take a little trip. All-in-all, not a bad deal for a single month. Now if you will excuse me, I put in a final few hours of work today and then Red-boxed some movies for the evening and tomorrow. I’m going to kick back on the patio, give the dog his rawhide bone and relax while mosquitoes munch on my blood.


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