A Woman in Black, Spirits of Vengeance and Blossoming Powers

The Woman in Black stars Daniel Radcliff – you know, that Harry Pottery kid – as a young windowed father. He works in a law firm and is sent to settle the affairs of a woman who has passed away. He arrives in town to a very chilly reception, the town folk pretty much ignoring him and trying to get him back on a train and out of their hair.

What follows in the tale of The Woman in Black is a very creepy supernatural drama. I was honestly ready to make fun of Radcliff and completely blast the story presented in this film. Instead I was given a rich story with some truly creepy moments. It would be hard to say the movie was scary, as it was mostly just a well done supernatural drama, but what did ruin the world for me was the ending. I won’t go into spoiler detail here, but I enjoyed the movie all the way up to the end, and then it threw me out the fantasy world I had been pulled in to. The Woman in Black is a fine piece movie making that you should definitely check out.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was my second movie choice for the weekend. I secretly enjoyed the first Ghost Rider, despite the bashing it took from critics and “movie fans.” When this sequel was announced and the director said he was going to bring a true Ghost Rider movie to the theaters, I was super excited! Unfortunately, for me this second movie makes the first one look even better. Yes, the cgi was raised a notch higher and looked great, the story underneath was good, but the execution by everyone involved was seriously lacking.

I am a huge fan of Nicholas Cage as an actor. Really enjoy his work. But in GR: Spirit of Vengeance, he looks as if he is way too old for the part and the lines he reads are horrible. The story could be salvageable, but to make a true, dark and honest Ghost Rider movie from the Marvel Knights line, it is going to have to get rid of the bars holding it back. An “R” rated Ghost Rider movie with a strong script, acting and direction is needed to salvage the property. I’d even go as far as to say “reboot,” but then you would be giving up an established film history already out there. And as much as I love Nick Cage, they need a younger actor in here, at least in their late 20’s to mid-30’s for the role.

So, if you enjoyed the first Ghost Rider, you might as well see this one, though it may leave a bad taste in your mouth. If you aren’t a fan of Ghost Rider, pass on it, folks, you aren’t missing anything special. And if you are a fan of the character of Ghost Rider, you shouldn’t even acknowledge this film exists.

Chronicle is one of those “home video footage” movies that came out last year. It is about 3 teens, one of whom has decided to film everything for one reason or another – perhaps because of his bad home life. They stumble across something that gives them superhuman abilities. The movie chronicles (see what I did there) their growing powers, how they deal with it as teenagers and what happens when that power goes unchecked.

I went back and forth with my opinion of this movie, but, in the end, I have to say that I really liked Chronicle. Good movie, actually good actors, even though I’ve never heard of any of them, and a good story despite the use of the already over-used theme of home video footage movies. I actually look forward to a sequel, especially since I’ve heard rumblings of one in the pipes since the movie was released.

The Sitter is billed as a comedy. Starring Jonah Hill while in his chunkier day, The Sitter is about a loser who is in a bad relationship, no job, living with his mom and has no relationship with his dad. Taking on the job of babysitter for a night is the last thing Noah (Hill’s character) wants to do, but it is either that or his mom has to cancel her plans for a date. What follows is a crazy trip of a movie that is slightly reminiscent of the classic Adventures in Babysitting. Noah must deal with three kids who have their own identity issues while taking care of his own as their sitter. Dealing with 10 years worth of issues in the length of the movie leads to some outrageous events as he tries to please everyone, only to learn that he needs to take care of himself first if he ever wants the respect and life he deserves.

The Sitter isn’t a gut-busting comedy, but it does have its moments. Everything is, of course, wrapped up in the films time frame and everyone has a happy ending. Not a great movie, not even as funny as it was probably suppose to be, but a film that tries to have a moral to the story and worth a single viewing.


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