Orbitz Showing Mac Users Pricier Hotels Than Windows Users

Here’s an interesting little tip from Yahoo! Finance, especially if you are a Mac user: Do not price shop hotels while on your Mac! Orbitz, the travel site that allows you to book hotels, flights, cruises, cars, activities, etc, is experimenting with steering Mac users toward more expensive options by hiding the cheaper deals further back in the search results. Their reasoning is that Mac users spend up to $30 more on hotels than Windows users.

First of all, just because I own a Mac doesn’t mean I don’t want a good deal. Yes, it might seem as if I’ll blow money on expensive gadgets, but in truth I’m blowing the money so that I have a high quality product that I can depend on for a longer life span. That does not mean I want the most expensive hotels! Hell, people, I wanna save a buck whenever possible, too, ya know? After all, I gotta pay for this expensive computer you are basing my spending habits on.

Second, hiding the lower prices while shoving the more expensive deals in our faces just sounds like bad business. At the very least, I see someone working up a lawsuit right now because they’ve had to pay out extra cash at some point based solely on the type of computer they choose to use.

And third, have you ever considered that, maybe, the reason Mac users seem to spend more is because Windows users are having to spend all their cash keeping their machine running in the first place. They can’t afford nicer hotels because that Blue Screen o’ Death is making them spend more and more cash on repairs and upgrades to try and steer away from it.

(Yes, I know, I’m going way out on a limb there, but it was fun while it lasted 🙂 )

You can read more about the ridiculous pricing scam at Yahoo! Finance: On Orbitz, Mac Users Steered to Pricer Hotels


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