Time off, Mini Vacations, Get-Aways

I work – a lot! – so it has been rare that our family gets to take vacations that often. Our last vacation, which was for an amazing 5 days, was to Gatlinburg, TN, and was about 2 years ago. My wife and son had a blast on that one, but I was so intense with the idea of not being able to work I didn’t enjoy a moment of it. So, this year, I decided all that was going to change. After all, The Wife and I aren’t getting any younger, and sadly, our boy won’t stay young forever, either. My tiny brain suddenly realized that it was time to roll down the work sleeves and focus a little more on enjoying the time we have together.

Thus was born my idea for “mini-vacations.” I don’t know if any of you, Dear Readers, have ever visited Tennessee, but like any great state, we have a treasure trove of places that serve as fantastic get-aways. Add this to the fact that I have never travelled much, and you have several dozen little trips right here at home. But we aren’t planning on being Tennessee Travelers all the time. We’re already lining up visits to Virginia (which is also a side-quest to visit some family I have there) and of course The Wife wants to go to Disney in Florida. Nope, we haven’t been to Disney yet, either. The Wife went when she was younger, but myself and the three of us as a family have never been.

So, I guess what I am thinking about while writing this post is: sometimes, you just have to let loose. Times can be tough for everyone (some more than others, I know), but you have to pull yourself away from the work or risk being buried in it. If you are single and have no obligations, maybe that’s fine that you pull 14 hour shifts 6 days a week, but to a person with a family, that’s valuable time they’re losing out on. Save your nickels and dimes, make plans with the family ahead of time so that they can chip in, too – don’t shoulder all the responsibility yourself. Let it be a family affair! Set a goal, save your money, and then take off – even if it’s just another town over – and enjoy yourself and your family for a day or two.

I know my in-laws take time out for themselves every couple of months. They will leave their cellphones at home, take off to a hotel the next town over, and just do some shopping, relax and enjoy a day of being unplugged and by themselves. Everyone needs a get-away, take yours before burn out becomes a regular way of life!


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