The Wife’s New Phone

I bought my wife a new phone Friday. Her first smartphone – a Motorola Atrix 2. May the Apple Gods have mercy on my soul for investing cash in a product other than their own. We are mostly an Apple family, what with iPods, iPads, Mac-this, Mac-that, blah-blah-blah, so this is something new for both of us.

The past couple of nights I’ve been trying to help a co-worker with his new phone. He is an older gentleman and has the same model that I picked up for my wife. I have to say – after spending time helping him figure out various features, and from playing around with her’s for a bit tonight – the Android devices seem overly complicated. Then again, maybe this type of phone isn’t meant for the “casual” user such as my wife. But even I find some of the interface options confusing and causing head-scratching moments. It’s a far step from Apple’s iPhone strategy of: “So simple, an idiot can use it,” which is exactly what I need!

This particular phone comes with the Gingerbread version of the Android OS, and while it is smooth and fast with the phone’s dual core processor, it is lacking in personalization features. Or maybe before blaming it all on the phone, I should say, It’s confusing because I can’t figure out why x won’t do y and how a should get to b to accomplish what I actually want. <– Talk about confusing, try reading that italicized part again and see if you actually get what I’m trying to say. And most annoying of all, might I add here at the end, is the fact that the camera REQUIRES you to have a microSD card installed to save pictures to, never mind the fact that the phone has 8GB of internal memory.

But yes, I guess I’ve been spoiled by the simplicity of the iPhone, but that doesn’t mean I completely hate the Atrix and it’s Android OS. Maybe after more reading up on how to properly use certain features and where certain options are, my opinion may change. Until then, I’m glad it’s my wife that has to use it – just don’t tell her I said so. And who knows, for her it may be easy as cake considering she has never used a smartphone before anyways. Up until yesterday, she has always had a standard old phone she used mainly for texting.

So to you Android users, I salute you for your bravery in the line of duty. And if you have any hints or tips on this particular phone, please feel free to send them my way. Thanks and have a great weekend! 🙂


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