State of the Blog Address 2012

My first recorded blog entry was in January 2008. I do believe I was blogging before that, but blogging services, personal issues and a brief period where I voluntarily deleted several months worth of posts could possibly make that timeline longer. So, for 5 years I’ve maintained a published blog of some sort for strangers, friends and the occasional family member to stumble upon. I do not publicize my blog, share links to posts I’ve written or even discuss it with many, save a few who probably aren’t interested or don’t care one way or another. But I like blogging and reading blogs, so I do it anyways.

Allow me to share with you what five years of blogging looks like from my side of the screen.

Chemical Fawn contains a total of 660 posts divided up into 30 categories with only 83 comments that I’ve deemed as “not spam.” Of those 83, all of them have been within the past year or two. There are currently 30 misguided people following my blog and receiving updates via email (I’m sorry if I take up valuable space) and my top commenter is autumnalmighty, a friend and former co-worker.

As far as what is popular on my blog, the most popular search terms that bring folks here is “the walking dead volume 1: days gone by.” The two runners up are “skylanders” and … Lord have mercy … “cute cat pictures with sayings.” So, as you can see, that last search points out to me that there are some sick people reading my blog 🙂 Of all the items that bring people here, Google Image Search is my number one referrer, thanks G-dawg.

And finally, my top 3 most viewed pages out of 5 years worth of blogging about a wide variety of subjects … is …

1 Homepage (because I don’t make folks click through to individual pages to read my content, so they can read it all from the main page.

2 The Walking Dead Volume 1: Days Gone By

3 LOLCats

Thank you, Dear Readers, for spying on me and reading a couple of items every now and then. I hope I provide at least a little entertainment or insight into a Nerds world every now and then. My plans for this little blog are big, actually, and I’d like to have the time to submit more posts and talk about a larger variety of topics. I’m also working on some things with a friend that might either impact this blog or lead to the creation of another separate blog for the content we are looking to provide. And then, of course, just like everyone else on the internet, we are discussing a podcast about a few nerdy things we both enjoy.

No matter what may come, I’ll still be here, though … barring death or the loss of both hands (eek!) typing out some poorly assembled words to be immortalized on the internet.

Good day, sir and-or madam.


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