Rumor: 7″ iPad Mini (Info & Thoughts)

Gaining strength in the real world and at online media sites is the rumor and reports of Apple releasing a new mini-tablet this winter. Reports out of Japan, at a technology site known as Macotakara (click link for more detailed information @, have claimed that the smaller, 7″ iPad device will be made in Brazil. They also claim that the 7.85″ iPad Mini will be as thin as an iPod Touch and have a pixel display of 1024 x 768, allowing it run those iPad apps with no need for adjustments. The rumored release of a smaller sized – and priced? iPad Mini comes on the heals of the success of other small ebook and media devices such as the newer Google Nexus 7, the Amazon Kindle Fire and even Barnes & Nobles Nook Color (now backed by Microsoft to top it off). And of course, Microsoft’s own announcement of a tablet line may have been the final push the Apple Gods needed.

What it is all going to come down to, though, is price for most folks. If Apple wants to compete against the smaller guys, they’re going to have to offer the same storage features at an affordable price. The one major limitation I despise on the iPad (iPhone and iPod as well) is the fact that you have no other storage expansion options. You either pay top price for more storage out of the box, or you are stuck with the smaller memory size. Not that I think Apple will change that, not unless they develop their own brand of memory cards that can only be used with their products – after all, they wouldn’t want anyone else making a dollar off their brand.

But as for a 7″ iPad … Yeah, I’m game. I’d love a smaller option to take out with me that still allowed me to use the software I’ve already spent money on. I don’t want to have to buy a Kindle Fire just to have to pay for apps I may already have. So bring it on, Apple. While Mr. Jobs may be rolling in his grave right now, I’m ready for some changes, as long as quality isn’t sacrificed. After all, that’s where Apple fans are always rewarded: quality done right in a product.


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