I Don’t Go There For The Politics

Recently, Chick-fil-a President, Dan Cathy, said in an interview that he was “guilty as charged.” The comment came at the questioning of Chick-fil-a’s support of anti-gay and family rights groups. The gentleman continued on stating that Chick-fil-a has always presented a Christian-based environment, even going as far as to close all their restaurants on Sundays, a day of rest. He makes no apologies, stands by his statement and doesn’t waiver under criticism.

Today on various news sites, it was reported that the Jim Henson Company, better known for The Muppets, has pulled out of a deal with Chick-fil-a. I was never aware that they were in any kind of a deal, but apparently they offered toys in children’s meals. Henson’s CEO, Lisa Henson, said that they are a company that believes in support and equality for all individuals (except for Mr. Cathy and the folks at Chick-fil-a, evidently)

My take on the issue is this: I go to Chick-fil-a for the delicious chicken sandwiches. The spicy chicken sandwiches are really good, much better than those offered by Zaxby’s, another chicken chain in our area. After all this news, I will still continue to go to and support Chick-fil-a. Not because of their politics or view points, but because of their food. Good food. Good prices. Good people.

Same goes for The Muppets. I will continue to watch and enjoy The Muppets. Not because they support any particular group, but because they are entertaining. Now, where I draw the line is when politics and business cross over and begin to mix. If Chick-fil-a were handing out pamphlets on why I should like or dislike a certain group, then I’d probably feel differently. If The Muppets started trying to pull a stunt that gave more attention to the fact that a particular Muppet was gay – kinda like DC Comics did with Earth 2 Green Lantern – then I’d be offended because I think they were trying to pander to a certain audience and force that upon me.

I attribute it to the Tom Cruise effect. I view Cruise as a bat-@#$% crazy member of Scientology. But I enjoy his movies because they are usually entertaining. When Cruise begins peppering more and more of the Scientology crap into his movies then I’ll stop paying to see them.

I guess what I’m saying is, I watch movies and eat at restaurants because I enjoy those places and/or actors. I go there for good food and entertainment, not for the politics. I don’t care that The Muppets support gay rights while Chick-fil-a condemns them. Quite frankly, I view myself as a Christian, but you don’t see me boycotting all the growing anti-Christian groups that want to preach tolerance while at the same time showing their own ugly heads as being intolerant. Kinda wishy-washy if you ask me. You can’t have your cake and eat it to. I think that may be called hypocrisy.


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