9 Year Anniversary

For The Wife and I, today was our 9th wedding anniversary. Nine years! Can’t believe it. A lot of people lost money on that first year. Yes, there were detractors, people who said we wouldn’t last a couple of months, let alone an entire year! True ’nuff. So, I’m happy to continue to disappoint all those people, who shall remain nameless.

Times haven’t always been easy going or all that great. As with any couple, I suppose, there were hard times mixed in there. Money was extra tight in the beginning. We jumped in head first. My wife wanted to work from home, keeping a couple of kids on the side. I worked full time at a job I’d only been at for 2 years and couldn’t stand. A month after we had been married, we discovered we were already expecting a baby. 7 months later, our boy popped out 7 1/2 weeks early, wasn’t able to breath on his own and spent a couple of weeks in the hospital. To top THAT off, our insurance, the fine Blue Cross Blue Shield folks, refused to pay for his stay in NICU. Despite numerous letters from the delivering doctor, the head of the NICU, the head nurse and the gentleman over my work’s HR department, the mighty board of important decision making at BCBS decided it was completely unnecessary for our nearly 8 week premature son to have to stay in the hospital. He should have been sent home the very next day and they absolutely refused to pay a single penny toward his medical bills.

Here you have 2 folks, one paycheck, a son nearly 2 months early and our insurance provider sticks us with a $56,000 hospital bill because they see no reason why a premature child whose lungs weren’t fully developed and couldn’t breath without a machine needed to be in the hospital. Add on top of that our attempts to clear up the usual bills and debts we had accumulated in our youth and badda-bing, you got a big old lump of worry and stress.

But we dug and busted hump and crawled through a lot of bull crap. Here we are. We have a huge, healthy 8 year old, I’m going on my 11th year at my job, my wife is still a stay-at-home mom who is still babysitting AND home schooling our son. We climbed out from our debt, finally was able to buy our own house instead of renting.

It’s a learning experience – one more of those things you need to experience because reading about it just doesn’t do it justice.

So, yeah, Happy Anniversary to my dear wife. May life continue to shine in our direction 🙂


2 thoughts on “9 Year Anniversary

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