Too Much, Too Little, Just Right?

I’m always at a loss for how much is too much for a good blog post. I don’t mean my subject or what I share with you, Dear Reader, but I mean how much I ramble on. If you haven’t noticed, once I become involved in a blog post (which does happen occasionally), I tend to start to ramble and write down everything I’m thinking. Even if that thought launches into a tangent that I can’t recover from, I just keep going. This is one of my larger weaknesses. I feel it is so bad that it takes away from what I was actually going to post about in the first place. It turns the blog post into a large one-sided conversation where I’m just pouring out the contents of my brain to you.

This is a "thought bubble". It is an...

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t that I don’t want to share these thoughts I have bottled up, it’s just that I know if I keep writing and writing, it’ll lose your interest. I’ll grow even more stale and boring and you’ll think, “Good grief, this guy just rambles like a maniac.” So, while I may not be the most interesting person, I do try to reign in what I type. In fact, this past week I have two blog posts in my Draft’s folder because once I start typing on them, I just lose control and take my original subject out into three or four different tangents.

I’m trying to edit them down, rewrite and clean it up (length and topic-wise) before releasing them, but it’s just something that I have a gajillion different thoughts on and they collide in the race to my fingertips in the hopes of striking the keys first. If all else fails, I may just post them anyways. Please, forgive me in advance. 🙂


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