To Resub or Not To Resub

November 30th of this year will mark one whole year of me not having been a subscribing player to World of Warcraft. But, still a month or two off, and I’m thinking about resubscribing and opening my account back up.

I know, I know, I’m weak! I can’t help it.

It all started with Blizzard allowing us to actually create Pandarans in the free trial version of the popular MMO. This is something they’ve never done before – allowing you to play through a brand new race/class without buying the game first. But here we are, and I currently have a level 12 Pandaran hunter.

Let me go ahead and say, while I enjoyed leveling this character and experiencing the new starting zone, it wasn’t anything ground breaking or terribly new play-wise. It was just familiar territory with a new coat of paint. My thinking is that I have a lonely level 85 hunter sitting somewhere waiting for me, and it’d be a crime not to go wake them up and level them those 5 new levels, reset their talents based on the revamped talent system. Maybe get some new gear and explore the new lands. And who knows, maybe participate in the new end game dungeons and battlegrounds!

So a year of being WoW free, not giving The Man my $15 a month. Do I really want to end that? Coming home from a long night at work and plopping down in front of the computer to play a never-ending MMO instead of reading a book or catching up on a television show? Hmm … perhaps I should rethink this. Then again, I could set limits on the gameplay. Only on weekends after everyone else has gone to sleep or if I happen to be home alone. Yeah, that might be the ticket.

We will see. When the decision is made, I’ll make sure I blab about my adventures here and share some hilarious screen shots!

Thanks for letting me share. Have a good day, sir and/or madam!


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