Groove, Part Three: Attacking on Multiple Fronts

I am a firm believer that our attitudes determine how the world (and all the fine people on it) looks at and treats us. Taking on the task of giving yourself a makeover, though, requires more than just a good attitude, pleasant personality and calm demeanor. It also requires you to tackle the physical aspect of your persona. Being mentally fit is one thing; having the body to carry around all those happy thoughts is another. In short, you have to attack it from two sides and whittle it down to the middle with a little hard work.

Phase 2 in my long term goal of resetting my “self” is getting into a better physical condition. I’m not talking the perfect weight for my height, age and all that jazz. I’m talking about a decent, healthy weight fit for my lifestyle and abilities. Right now, being over 300 pounds isn’t helping any. Despite the mental changes I am working on putting in place concerning my work environment (my biggest

A Hamburger, fries, and a coke from a fast-foo...

stress point), the fact that I am overweight is a hinderance in that area and needs to be addressed as well. No matter how I act socially, my own mental projection of myself is of this overweight image I have in my head about how I look and carry myself.

Petty things, I suppose, but one that affects your mentality when it comes to a long term goal such as mine.

In answer to this front in my war to change my lifestyle and resurrect the old James, I’ve initiated a plan here, too. As of a week ago, I’ve started to change my eating habits. No fast food entered my body the past week and a limited amount of soda was consumed. You see, I’m a huge (no pun intended) fast food eater. With limited time in the day and short meal break at work, the easiest and fastest option is to grab a bite at Taco Bell or McDonalds or Burger King.

That has to stop! 7 days without fast food and I have to say, I was really craving a nice, big, juicy, greasy cheeseburger this evening. I didn’t run out and get one, mind you, but the thought was implanted in my head that I just had to have one! Instead, I threw together a little snack and satisfied my hunger with a cheaper and healthier option.

Soft drinks/soda/pop/Cokes, these are my other weakness. I can put down an entire 12 pack of canned cola by myself in a single day. Yea, that’s right, we’re talking kidney infection central, my friends. I’ve slacked off over the past several months, mostly due to the hot weather. I’ve been guzzling water by the bottle at work, but at home I usually have a Dr Pepper 20oz bottle or two a day. As of last week, that’s been cut down, too. One soda a day.

Sweets? Nope. I’ve cut myself down to peanut butter & jelly sandwiches whenever I want a taste of something sweet, or else just a spoon of peanut butter.

So, tackling the mental side of my goal. Tacking the physical side of my goal. Starting slowly, building on it each week. Adding new steps each time to increase the activities I’m doing to turn myself around. I know it sounds crazy, but I can feel and tell a difference. I’m already happier because I’m getting better at shaking off the negativity so many people carry at work. And I’m feeling better physically because I’m not so bloated on sodas or stuffed with greasy fast food.

In short: Phase 1 was altering my mental approach to others, be more positive. Phase 2 is to focus on my physical well being. Change eating habits, try to start shedding some weight by eating less and taking in less carbonated and/or diet drinks.


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