Humble eBook Bundle!

If you are familiar with the Humble Indie Bundle, then you will more than likely know what the Humble eBook Bundle is. Humble Indie Bundles are fantastic name-your-price bundles of software, games and now ebooks. Each deal lasts for a specific amount of time, and during that time you buy the presented bundle of items for what you feel is a fair price. Usually, if you pay more than the average donation, you’ll unlock extra items. Why voluntarily pay more? Because the money goes to charity!

The current eBook Bundle deal features 6 DRM-free ebooks and if you pay more than the base price of $12.32 right now and you unlock 2 more books. You’ll receive 8 books for little more than $13, including work by Neil Gaiman and John Scalzi. You can even decide how your money is divided up: slider bars allow you to select who gets the most of your money – authors, charity or even a little for the Humble site itself.

Good cause, good material and a good warm feeling in your chest for doing something good for someone else. Oh, and for note, the charities in this particular bundle are The Electronic Frontier Foundation and Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

Follow the link below to the site and browse the titles available in the pack.

The Humble eBook Bundle (pay what you want to help charity)


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