Online/Offline Random Tidbits

I tried blogging a few posts tonight, but it seems that the theme I had activated was giving me formatting problems. Text wasn’t being spaced properly, it was hanging during the posting process, etc. So, here we have this beautiful, bright, blinding theme. You may want to grab a pair of sunglasses before reading any further.

Other than that technical issue, it’s been a nice quiet weekend. We are having our first year of home-owner issues. There are some things around the house we are discovering needs repair or replacing. Unfortunately, the money to do everything with isn’t as easily discovered. Maybe a part time job is in my future, if I could find something that would work with my erratic shifts at the full time job.

Are you watching The Walking Dead? If you aren’t, SHAME ON YOU! Season 3 started last week and episode 2 came on tonight. It’s really picked up the pace. Writing is brilliant. Acting has improved. All around best show on television right now, seriously!

I’ll keep it short tonight. I’m off to bed. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend as well. See you on the other side of Monday.


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